The farm Agropomper was established in 1996, based on a long family tradition of pickling cabbage and turnips. The farm is located near the town of Varazdin, in the area that is well-known for its production of high-quality varieties of cabbage, among which is the indigenous variety “Varazdinac”. We obtain high quality products from the naturally pickled raw materials that retain the natural healing properties and superior taste. We grow raw cabbage on our own fields. However, due to difficulties in keeping up with the increasing demand for our products in reacent years, we started cooperation with several manufacturers wich produce raw materials according to the program of controlled production (Global G.A.P.). Purchasing high quality material and keeping natural way of manufacturing we obtain a product of superior taste with high levels of vitamin C. The high quality of our products has been recognized by many customers and because of that every year we are increasing our production. Our products are placed in many well-known Croatian and international supermarket. Production is based on

  • Purchasing high quality raw materials
  • purchasing raw materials controlled production (Global G.A.P.).
  • pickling in a natural way to preserve the nutritional value of product
  • creating highly hygienic conditions
  • continuous investment in production
  • monitoring of production(HACCP)
  • mresearching and analyzing customer satisfaction